How do I download the app?

You can download the app at TheaterEars.com/Download or on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Why do I have to enable location services and the microphone?

You must be inside of a movie theater in order for TheaterEars to work.  The app verifies that you’ve met that location requirement.  The microphone allows the app to listen to the movie you are watching so that you hear the movie in your chosen language in real time. 


Can I use TheaterEars at home?

No.  TheaterEars is to be used only at the movie theater. 


Can I text or use my phone while using TheaterEars?

You will still receive text messages and phone calls while using TheaterEars.  However, we strongly recommend that you do not use your phone for any other purpose than TheaterEars during a movie. 



How can I go to a free screening with TheaterEars?

We will notify you within the app or you can check our social media pages (e.g. Facebook). 


How much does TheaterEars cost?

The TheaterEars app is free to download and to use. 


Why can’t I find a particular movie on TheaterEars?

We are working hard with all of the major movie production studios to secure the rights to as many films as we can. 


Do I need an internet connection during the movie?

You do not need an active internet connection during the movie with TheaterEars.  However you will need an internet connection (4G, LTE, or Wifi) to download the app and get a movie on your phone. 



How long does it take to get a movie on my phone?

Once you select your movie, showtime, movie theater, and language, it should take between 1-5 minutes to get a movie on your phone with a solid internet connection. 


How long will the app and movies be free?

The app is free to download and to use.  We intend for TheaterEars to remain that way.


The app says that I have traveled outside of the movie theater area and stopped playback.  What can I do? 

Please try to close the app on your phone (do not simply hit the home button to exit the app).  Once you’ve closed the app, please restart the app. 


I can barely hear the movie.  What can I do?

Please try adjusting the volume by using the volume buttons located on the side of your phone.  You can also adjust it on the bottom of the sync screen in the TheaterEars app. 


Why do I need to select my movie theater and showtime?

TheaterEars only works at the movie theater during scheduled showtimes. 


How can I change my movie theater and showtime?

Simply scroll down the home screen to find and select your movie theater.   You will then see the scheduled showtimes for that movie theater.  Simply select your new showtime. 


Does TheaterEars work with Bluetooth headphones?

 Yes you can you any Bluetooth headset with TheaterEars. 


How many languages is TheaterEars available in?

TheaterEars is available in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese.  We are working on adding new languages.  Each film may not be available in every language. 


I live outside the United States.  When will TheaterEars be available in my country?

Currently, TheaterEars is for the United States only.  We will be announcing our plans for international expansion in the future. 


I’m in the movie theater and the app is not working. 

TheaterEars is designed to automatically resync, so in most cases you will need to do nothing.  If sync does not occur within minutes, please try to close the app on your phone (do not simply hit the home button to exit the app).  Once you’ve closed the app, please restart the app. 


How can I get help with the app?

For help with the app please email us at support@theaterears.com and detail your experience. 


How long does it take for the audio to start playing on my phone?

Normal sync time is between 20-30 seconds. 


How can I change the language of the app?

In the profile section of the app, you will see an option that says “App Language”.  Push that button and select your language. 


Will the app work if I arrive in the middle of the movie?

Don’t worry.  TheaterEars is designed to work at any point in the movie.  Just open the app and push play.  TheaterEars will go to the exact point in the movie regardless of when you start. 


What if I have to leave the auditorium during the movie to use the restroom or get concessions, will the movie stop playing?

TheaterEars will continue to play the movie in real time as long as you are in the movie theater building.  The app does periodically listen to the movie to make sure you are in the right point in the movie.  If you are gone for a long period of time and need to re-sync the movie, feel free to press the re-sync button (located to the left of the play button) before you go back to your seat and the app will get you back to the right place in the movie. 


I haven’t received a text message with the access code to finish my app registration.

Make sure that you are in an area with cellular reception.  In addition, make sure that you entered your cell phone number correctly.  If both of these don’t work, please try to close the app on your phone (do not simply hit the home button to exit the app).  Once you’ve closed the app, please restart the app and try again. 


Is there a video that can show me more information?

Yes.  In the profile menu, you can find a tutorial video or visit our Facebook page (Facebook.com/TheaterEars). 


The movie track was deleted on my phone. What do I do?

If the movie track gets deleted on the device, please re-download it by following the same process which is by clicking your date & showtime and thereafter the download button